No Bias Hiring. What does it mean?

At Fluent IQ we are proud to help empower and support businesses who are striving to achieve a no bias hiring agenda. Communication is a key success indicator for any role and traditional means of assessing this capability have been highly subjective, often allowing for preconceived biases to drive decision making. This has been well documented and studied all over the world, for more information please read.

Allowing bias to enter the recruitment process means that all too often business miss out on quality hires. Embracing a diverse workforce has many benefits and has been shown to enhance workplace performance and outputs. A recent study shows that companies in the top quartile of race and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have finical returns above their respective medians.

Our communication assessments are scientifically robust, reliably proving an individual’s English communication abilities. Aligning our tools perfectly for recruiters to be able to screen and shortlist candidates whilst allowing individuals to stand out from the crowd and prove their capabilities.

There are two assessments Chat and Works, both generating a certification embedded with a video of the candidate answering a verbal question alongside an overall score and a breakdown of each competency assessed. An example of a Fluent IQ certificate can be viewed here.

Fluent IQ – Chat: A verbally focused assessment based on speaking and listening capabilities. Perfect for customer-facing roles or those which have a focus primarily on spoken communication.

Fluent IQ – Works: Focused on the four key competencies of speaking, listening, reading and writing – taking up to 60 minutes to complete. Great for anyone applying for roles requiring high levels of communication across multiple channels.

For businesses, if supporting a no bias hiring agenda is something that you would like to become involved in, please just reach out and we are happy to help design a strategy that fits within your hiring parameters.

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