Bias in Recruitment – Should Immigrants Have To Change Their Names to Help Aid Employment?

The topic of bias in the recruitment process continues, it is clear that we have a problem. Following a recent #AskARecruiter event in Auckland, Tania Howard, Director at Talent Seed has called for an industry conversation by asking “should immigrants change their names to aid employment and would you?“.

Research continues to show that name changing, is a game changer for migrant jobseekers. A recent article, published by the report from the NZ Herald highlights this by revealing that “…migrants are changing names to sound more Kiwi to increase their chances at finding employment”. Should we be supporting this?

Understandably Hiring Managers maybe cautious of placing a migrant as there could be concerns about their communication ability. But what if there was a way to gauge an applicants English communication skills, scientifically, in a real-world and work-ready context? A tool designed specifically for the Talent Managment industry? A piece of technology that allowed for lower risk hiring decisions that meant bias could be removed from the hiring process? Well, folks – luckily there is, introducing Fluent IQ. Finally, there is a bespoke tool designed to overcome bias in the recruitment process and even the playing field for all applicants. Communication is the only skill essential to all roles yet it remains a skill that is assessed subjectively…until now!

We don’t believe that a candidate should have to present themselves under a new name in order to be considered for a role, rather their skill set and experience should speak loudly enough to gauge whether they are suitable for a role. Many companies state that they want a more diverse and inclusive workforce yet this is not always reflected in hiring decisions. Fluent IQ are eager to be an empowerment tool to help change this and continue to push the conversation.

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