Local English language school Rewi Alley Academy have just adopted Fluent IQ’s Chat assessment as a means of benchmarking their students, tracking improvements and helping them to find local employment post study.

The academy has been in operation since 2003 and was founded in honour of Rewi Alley who was a New Zealand born writer and political activist who later became a key figure in the establishment of the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives and technical training schools. Rewi is often referred to as “the most famous kiwi in China” and was awarded many honours here in New Zealand, including the Queen’s Service Order. His father was the first Headmaster of Wharenui school, which is where the Rewi Alley academy in Christchurch now stands.

Over the years, many international students and new immigrants have studied at Rewi Alley Academy. Many former students have gone on to work, study or run their own businesses in New Zealand. For those students who have returned to their home countries, they leave New Zealand with better English language skills and greater cultural understanding.

Client and Partner Manager, Sophie Harland says “It’s wonderful to offer technology that is so meaningful within the English communication space. I genuinely look forward to working with the Rewi Alley Academy staff as they introduce this technology to their students. I believe that we will see some really great results which will help students not only in the classroom but also with potential employment opportunities”.