Market research carried out at the founding of Fluent IQ showed that there was considerable demand from industry, especially in the talent and recruiting sector for a real world test of a person’s communication ability.

The demand, in particular, was for a test of speaking ability and there was the market perception that existing tests did not meet all of the following key requirements:

  • The score was an accurate match for “real world” communication ability.
  • It could not be gamed or studied for.
  • The recruiter could be sure and verify if necessary that the applicant was actually the person who took the test.
  • The test was accessible. It needed to be done by anyone anywhere in the world, with a turnaround time of about 24 hours.
  • It needed to be low cost.

This document outlines the research, accuracy, test creation and selected references related to the Fluent IQ assesments.