Referral Partners

Promote our test and monetise your networks

What You Get

  • Referral incentives for every paid test that your leads generated.
  • Freedom to market using FluentIQ’s banners, buttons and messages.
  • Total transparency. A portal for you to log in to and track your clicks and sales.
  • First class support from our customer success team.
  • As part of becoming a partner and working with Fluent IQ, your company will be eligible to display the ‘Supporting No Bias Hiring’ on all your communications.

What We Expect

  • That you have a proven relevant network, where you can display your alliance with FluentIQ.
  • Active and legitimate leads who trust in your brand and honour your recommendatations to take the FluentIQ real world English test. 
  • That you’ll get the best overall value when you recommend and accept FluentIQ across your own network, and use it within your business. 
  • Understand the true unbiased value that FlunetIQ offers people globally.

Who Should Join?

  • To make the most of the FluentIQ referral program you will have accumulated a network of followers or access to a network that you can ligitamely reach out to and recommend they take a FluentIQ English test. 
  • Ideal for any business, recruiter, or educational facility that is seeking to help their contacts to get ahead in their new role, or new life in a new country.