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LookSee and Fluent IQ Partner for English Communication Testing

LookSee and FluentIQ have launched a partnership of wonderful synergy. LookSee is a unique talent matching platform which links highly skilled professionals from around the world with outstanding job opportunities in New Zealand. Fluent IQ provide real-world English communication testing, designed specifically for the recruitment sector as a tool to empower both candidate and employer through supporting no bias hiring.

Good Education Group Partners with Fluent IQ

At Fluent IQ we are passionate about helping people achieve their best. Many International students look toward the shores of Australia for world-class study opportunities. These factors make our latest partnership with Good Education Group, publishers of trusted...

Rewi Alley Academy Uses Fluent IQ Assessments

Local English language school Rewi Alley Academy have just adopted Fluent IQ’s Chat assessment as a means of benchmarking their students, tracking improvements and helping them to find local employment post study. The academy has been in operation since 2003 and was...

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Should Immigrants Change Their Names to Help Employment?

Bias in Recruitment - Should Immigrants Have To Change Their Names to Help Aid Employment? The topic of bias in the recruitment process continues, it is clear that we have a problem. Following a recent #AskARecruiter event in Auckland, Tania Howard, Director at Talent...

The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, with a Dirty Secret

With International students bringing upwards of $4 billion into the New Zealand economy every year, is it really a surprise that there appears to be underhand tactics at play?
Often International students will not have the necessary level of English needed for entry to tertiary institutions, so education agents will arrange for staff or someone else to take internal English tests for them.
This is just the tip of a huge industry scandal. The problems within the sector are evident the traditional means of assessment appear to be falling far short of the mark. The need to try something new is obvious. With Fluent IQ assements designed for the 21st-century knocking on your door, we suggest that industry authorities look closer to home for a solution.

SnapHire, The Talent App Store + Fluent IQ Integration

Did you know that Fluent IQ is fully integrated with SnapHire and is also one of the offerings on their Talent App Store Aotal. SnapHire provide a best of breed Applicant Tracking System and are used by some of the best companies around! Not only does SnapHire provide...


RCSA Savage Sell Wellington

Wellington is the second destination in the New Zealand league of the 2018 Savage Sell events. Make sure you keep an ear out as Chris and Greg will be mentioning Fluent IQ as they talk about recruitment “inside” selling strategies. We will be there proudly supporting...

RCSA Savage Sell Christchurch

Yahoo, Savage Sell comes to our home town! We hope to see new and familiar faces as we come together to hear about the very latest in recruitment “inside” selling tactics. We are equally thrilled to be supporting such a prestigious event, as we are to be standing by...


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