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FluentIQ is a test of English communication competency for the talent sector. Using FluentIQ provides an easier way to hire and build more diverse teams, at lower cost.


21st Century English Communication Assessment

FluentIQ allows employers to quickly screen for talent that has the English communication compentencies essential to a role. FluentIQ helps eliminate bias and increase diversity.

  • Easy for candidates to use – it’s 100% online
  • Provides accurate speaking, listening, reading and writing scores
  • API integrations to leading ATS platforms
  • Short candidate video included
  • Anti-fraud protection built-in
  • Replaces high cost, low value manual process

    FluentIQ is giving smart recruiters a distinct competitive advantage. Let us show you how – get in touch for a demo today.  


    Screen candidates faster

    Screening with FluentIQ means that 100% of the candidates you spend time on have the communication skills needed for the job.

    Expand the talent pool

    Let’s face it, you need more talent. FluentIQ helps you avoid unnecessary elimination of talent who would have been great hires.

    Build diverse teams

    By including FluentIQ into your workflow it enables you to remove bias from your hiring process and build diverse teams with minimal effort.

    Unprecedented Accuracy

    FluentIQ is the new global standard in English communication testing. Unlike existing English tests, our test is designed to assess the real-world communication skills needed for talent acquisition and development.

    Our test has been designed in partnership with the NZ Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour using the very latest research in linguistics and communication. Our goal was to create a test that employers can be 100% confident in and we believe we have done just that.

    Fraud Prevention 

    The FluentIQ test is a 100% digital testing platform that has fraud protection built-in. Our technology aims to give you complete confidence that the person on the certificate is the same person who took the test. Added peace of mind is provided by way of a video of the test taker embedded into the digital certificate. 

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