LookSee and FluentIQ have launched a partnership of wonderful synergy. LookSee is a unique talent matching platform which links highly skilled professionals from around the world with outstanding job opportunities in New Zealand. Fluent IQ provide real-world English communication testing, designed specifically for the recruitment sector as a tool to empower both candidate and employer through supporting no bias hiring.

Many New Zealand companies are looking to embrace borderless talent, LookSee is acting as the link between skilled workers looking to relocate to New Zealand and employers looking to fill roles with outstanding talent. The benefits of recruiting from abroad are reported time and time again from increasing moral to enhancing customer service, the list goes on. It is not without its challenges however, with an obvious problem that may arise being that of communication. With communication being a key skill in every role it is an essential element to get correct, with proper management and careful recruitment this can be easily managed. Tools such as Fluent IQ are helping companies all over the world make smarter, lower risk hiring decisions and remove bias from the recruitment process. These factors have lead to a natural partnership between LookSee and Fluent IQ, one which has both parties and their clients excited.

There has been a series of LookSee events with focuses varying from attracting top global talent in the IT and Tech sector through to the Building and Construction arena.

The dedicated Talent Team at LookSee work closely with leading industry employers to understand their recruitment needs and then match them with top talent from across the globe. A new feature within a candidate’s portfolio is an option to included one of Fluent IQ’s English communication assessments. This allows for candidates to quickly prove their English abilities and highlight their suitability for a given role, it also means that employers can quickly, accurately and scientifically evaluate an individual’s skill level.

With results focused on real-world English ability, this is technology unlike anything else we have seen in the market place. With Fluent IQ certificates displaying an embedded candidate video, built in anti-fraud and ID verification and a breakdown of competencies accessed this leading-edge recruitment tool complements the unique platform that LookSee offers both its customers and clients.