Going for a job? Studying English?

Stand out from the crowd and show your English ability with Fluent IQ.

You can now take our Chat assessment anywhere, at any time on your Mobile phone!*

Job Hunters

Your ability to communicate effectively is a key skill that employers are looking for. Fluent IQ can help you get shortlisted for positions by showing employers that you have the communication skills needed for the job.

English Students

Fluent IQ also helps students studying English to track their improvements or prepare for other more costly exams such as IELTS, and TOEFL. See the guide showing how your Fluent IQ Works score may compare to other exams.

Please note that the above information is an indicative guide only. Comparisions are taken from a Fluent IQ Works score. We make no guarantees for exact matching of scores.

Going for a job?

Stand out from the crowd with Fluent IQ.

Your ability to communicate effectively is a key skill that employers are looking for. Fluent IQ can help you get shortlisted for positions by showing employers that you have the communication skills needed for the job.

A modern test of English communication that employers believe in.

Fluent IQ is a robust test of real-world English communication skills. Fluent IQ strikes the perfect balance of being easy to use while having solid science under the hood. This means Fluent IQ is a test that you can believe in and gives you a competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

  • Your certificate can be used for multiple job applications
  • Track English improvements
  • Complete on desktop or Mobile*
  • Help prepare for other more expensive and lengthy English exams
  • Get noticed by potential employers
  • Boost your LinkedIn profile. On average those with certificates on their profile receive 6x more views
  • Your results delivered within 24 hours

Fluent IQ – Chat 

The ideal solution highlighting your verbal communication abilities. This assessment can be completed on your Mobile phone*, making it easy to use and access.

Both your speaking and listening skills will be assessed.

  • Allow up to 15 minutes
  • Retails at $12 USD
  • Results returned within 24 hours
  • Inbuilt video to highlight your skills!

* Mobile phone can be used for Fluent IQ Chat assessment. Please note that our first release is on Android phones with Chrome Browser, Apple will follow. 

Fluent IQ – Works

An in-depth assessment focused on the four key competencies of speaking, listening, reading and writing. See today what your English ability level is across these four important skills!


  • Allow up to 45 minutes 
  • Retails at $25 USD
  • Results returned within 24 hours
  • Inbuilt video highlighting your skill level

Why should I take the Fluent IQ test?

Stand out when applying for jobs.

A Fluent IQ certificate makes you stand out against those who don’t and shows employers that you have the required communication skills.

Get found on Linkedin.

Displaying your Fluent IQ certification on Linkedin means you’re more likely to get found by recruiters looking for good communicators.

Overcome bias.

Fluent IQ can help international applicants to be treated more fairly when applying for jobs in English speaking countries.

How it works

It's all online

You can take the Fluent IQ test anywhere! You can take an assessment on your Mobile phone* or on your computer. It’s easy to use and takes between 15 – 45 minutes to complete.

Expert grading

Once you have completed your test, we use a panel of real humans and trained machines to expertly assess your test responses.

Fast results

Within 24 hours we’ll send you an email with a direct link to your results that can easily be shared for job applications, study preparation, on your CV, and even on Linkedin.

Get noticed on Linkedin!

With over 400 million registered users, Linkedin is one of the primary channels for employers and recruiters who are searching for talent. That’s why Fluent IQ integrated with Linkedin to make it super easy for you to publish your Fluent IQ badge and score directly onto the world’s #1 professional social network.

Just click ‘Publish to Linkedin’ on your results. It’s that easy!

Create your Fluent IQ account today

“I found Fluent IQ Test Center so convenient. I didn’t need to book it in advance, it’s never sold out, and you never have to wait months to take the test or weeks to get your results. I thought it was hard but fair.” Elizabeth Zou


“I’m a very nervous test taker but with Fluent IQ I felt so comfortable taking the test at home, in my own time, and with zero stress. Because of that, I felt the test showed my real ability. I recommend the test to anyone that is looking to certify their skill in English.” Maia Rennar


“The Fluent IQ Test I’ve taken is a great way to test all of the aspects of the English language: speaking, writing, reading and listening. It is a great way to see where you stand with your knowledge, and you can even get a certificate that you can post online!” Darko Cmiljanic