We are very excited to announce that Fluent IQ has just released our Chat assessment for Mobile

That’s right you can now prove your English communication ability on the move, anywhere, at any time by taking an assessment on your Mobile. First release is on Android only so, sorry Apple users you will be next!

At Fluent IQ we are on a mission to help job seekers overcome bias and assist employers to make smarter, lower risk hiring decisions. We know that communication is the ONE skill key to all roles and that job seekers are active on their cell phones. These simple facts are why we are so excited about our newest development, and why you should be too!

Globally 65% of people use their cell phones when searching for a new job. As high as 78% of all millennials use their phones in the hunt for employment followed closely by Gen X at 73% and Baby Boomers at 57%. Also, a staggering 75% – 85% of all online job applications are done via mobile phone.

It’s clear that job seekers are relying on their phones to help land the next great role, and now you can also turn to your phone to give you a competitive advantage and prove your real-world communication ability with Fluent IQ.

We help individuals stand out from the crowd when applying for roles and help recruiters to make smarter hiring decisions. Being able to complete our assessment on your phones means you can easily include your results within your job application.

The Fluent IQ Chat assessment only takes between 10-15 minutes to complete and provides accurate, reliable results of your speaking and listening ability. Communication is the only skill common to all roles and our Chat assessment allows you to easily show your ability in a real-world context. Prove you have the skills to succeed, stand out from the crowd, and take a Fluent IQ Chat assessment on your phone now!