Paolo Zanetto, Founding Director at Cattaneo Zanetto & Co has been using our Works communication assessments for the past 6 months and has seen some great improvements to the quality of candidates the business is focusing on, and also saving time and money across the recruitment team! He has provided the below testimonial about his experiences so far. 

“We have been using Fluent IQ for about 6 months and I would recommend any company bringing on new staff use their assessments. Fluent IQ has helped streamline our recruitment process and identify the best candidates right from the get-go. The assessments have saved us time and money and meant we know exactly which candidates we should focus on and progress.

The certificates are easy to send and review and with a quick turnaround time it works in very well for my business.

The team at Fluent IQ have been great to work with and helped guide us about how using the assessments would best work for our business. We love working alongside them!”. Paolo Zanetto, Founding Director, Cattaneo Zanetto & Co.

Cattaneo Zanetto & Co has stated that the driving force for using the assessments was to “…make sure that we recruit our talent from the very best – not just for the knowledge of English, but for the fluency in engaging with key stakeholders and with our Clients, in Italy or anywhere in the world”.

Paolo mentioned the easy to review results, we have recently made some improvements to our certificates making it even easier to identify strengths and weaknesses. Alongside a candidate video, we also show an indication of skill level ranging basic – capable – advanced, score out of 10 and a description. We have removed any and all guesswork about your candidate’s communication level!

We always work closely with our clients to ensure the best match of our assessments with their business needs. We have added a few bespoke steps to our process for Cattaneo Zanetto to ensure a great fit for their audience. If you would like to see if one of our assessments may be right for your business, get in touch today!

About Cattaneo Zanetto

Cattaneo Zanetto & Co is the leading public affairs, lobbying and intelligence firm in Italy. With offices located in Rome, Milan, and Brussels they pride themselves on always being close to both Clients and the Government.

Consistently ranked as #1 in Italy for professional fees, since 2013. Over the past five years, they have reported an annual compounded growth of more than 20%. This is largely in thanks to the trust that has been build with historical and new customers alike, who choose Cattaneo Zanetto every year.

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