Fluent IQ is proud to be working with Cattaneo Zanetto & Co as a solution within their recruitment schedule.

Cattaneo Zanetto & Co is the leading public affairs, lobbying and intelligence firm in Italy. With offices located in Rome, Milan, and Brussels they pride themselves on always being close to both Clients and the Government.

Consistently ranked as #1 in Italy for professional fees, since 2013. Over the past five years, they have reported an annual compounded growth of more than 20%. This is largely in thanks to the trust that has been build with historical and new customers alike, who choose Cattaneo Zanetto every year.

Paolo Zanetto, Founding Partner of Cattaneo Zanetto & Co has stated that “We’re going to use FluentIQ to make sure that we recruit our talent from the very best – not just for the knowledge of English, but for the fluency in engaging with key stakeholders and with our Clients, in Italy or anywhere in the world”.

The two Founding Partners, Alberto Cattaneo, and Paolo Zanetto, developed a successful two-fold approach in working closely with their clients;

  1. An in-depth understanding of the government decision-making process
  2. How the process can work to help clients achieve business goals

With Fluent IQ ’s assessment quickly and accurately highlighting a candidate’s real-world English communication abilities across speaking, listening, reading and writing it is perfectly positioned to empower Cattaneo Zanetto with their recruitment goals and help strengthen their two-fold approach to market.

Client and Partner Manager at Fluent IQ, Sophie Harland said “It’s really exciting to be working alongside Cattaneo Zanetto to help them make better informed and strategically aligned hiring decisions. Being a Globally focused company, I am thrilled to welcome our first Italian company onboard.”