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Your ability to communicate effectively is a key skill that employers are looking for. Fluent IQ can help you get shortlisted for positions by showing employers that you have the communication skills needed for the job.

A modern test of English communication that employers believe in.

Fluent IQ is a robust test of real-world English communication skills. Fluent IQ strikes the perfect balance of being easy to use while having solid science under the hood. This means Fluent IQ is a test that employers believe in and gives you a competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

  • Your certificate can be used for multiple job applications
  • Get noticed by potential employers
  • Boost your LinkedIn profile. On average those with certificates on their profile receive 6x more views
  • Your results delivered within 24 hours

Fluent IQ is an assessment of English communication that employers believe in.

Fluent IQ - Chat

Perfect for customer-facing roles or those which have a focus primarily on spoken communication. Both your speaking and listening skills will be tested.

  • Show recruiters your capability up front.

Allow up to 15 minutes.

Fluent IQ - Works

Ideal for anyone applying for roles that require an excellent level of communication across speaking, listening, reading and writing.

  • Get an advantage over other applicants.

Allow up to 45 minutes.

* A Practice Test is offered free of charge, a Certified Chat Assessment result costs $12.00 and a Certified Works Assessment result costs $25.00 (USD).

Improve your employment profile.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Share your results to prospective employers.

“I found FluentIQ Test Center so convenient. I didn’t need to book it in advance, it’s never sold out, and you never have to wait months to take the test or weeks to get your results. I thought it was hard but fair.”
“This is a fun and challenging test. These tests will help people improve their admin skills and knowledge, exercising the brain.” – Lucia
“I’m a very nervous test taker but with FluentIQ I felt so comfortable taking the test at home, in my own time, and with zero stress. Because of that, I felt the test showed my real ability. I recommend the test to anyone that is looking to certify their skill in English.”
Two great tests, take one and improve your profile!