The new standard in English Proficiency Testing

If you need to measure real world English communication ability, FluentIQ Test Center is the only choice.

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Tap into global talent with complete confidence

Use it your way

Either request FluentIQ certification or provide test keys to the applicant. It's your choice.


Request that a FluentIQ Certificate of English is submitted as part of a candidate's application, at your applicants' cost.

  • Cost efficient

    FluentIQ certifications costs only $25 USD making it the most cost efficient of any other gold standard English proficiency test.

  • Accessible and fast

    All online and with results available within 24 hours, a FluentIQ Certification won't cause a delay in your candidate's application process.


Provide FluentIQ Test Center test keys to selected candidates at your discretion. Choose the number of keys you require from our menu or just get in touch.

  • Quick and easy

    FluentIQ Test Center can be accessed anywhere and anytime with zero notice required. It's all online and results are available to any admin at the same time as they are available to the candidate.

  • Powerful management tools

    Administer FluentIQ tests through our management dashboard. Send invites to candidates and share results with any of your company stakeholders.

Invite your candidates to take the FluentIQ Test of English Communication

From as little as $14 USD per test key depending on your needs.

Volume pricing for >1,000 test keys is by arrangement.

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Designed for 21st century businesses

FluentIQ Test Center is accessible, affordable, and 100% digital. Make FluentIQ Test Center part of your recruiting process today.

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Get the real picture

In the real world, we have to communicate in real time and in real situations. FluentIQ Test Center assesses a candidate's ability to understand and to be understood in the real world.

A complete picture

FluentIQ Test Center provides 4 scores: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. This is critical because it gives you a complete picture of your candidate's English proficiency, allowing you to match them to suitable roles.

  • Confidence and security

    FluentIQ Test Center verifies photo identification before the test begins and includes video footage throughout so you can have total confidence in the identity of the candidate you are considering.

  • Hear for yourself

    FluentIQ Test Center doesn't just provide an English test score. You can drill right down to see and listen to the candidate yourself. This means you can back your own decisions with evidence every time.

Choose the skills you need to match the roles you want to fill.

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Why your business should use FluentIQ Test Center

Harnessing science and digital technology

Right from the start, FluentIQ has harnessed modern linguistic science to measure a candidate's ability to understand and be understood.

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