Reliably measure an applicant's English fluency before they arrive on campus

FluentIQ Test Center measures your students' real world English ability, not their test taking ability.

English fluency test with world leading accuracy and reliability

FluentIQ Test Center combines modern linguistic science with digital technology to provide a reliable measure of English communication ability.

Right from the start, FluentIQ has used modern linguistic science to determine how well a person can understand and be understood. This has been our guide to how we assess English speaking and listening ability. Combined with trusted methods for reading and writing assessment, FluentIQ Test Center provides a complete and accurate picture of an individual’s real world English communication ability.

A modern approach to English fluency testing

FluentIQ Test Center provides an accessible and affordable way for students to certify their English ability. Highly accurate and detailed test scores are provided within 24 hours of the test being taken.

Why your school should use FluentIQ Test Center

Invite your applicants to take the FluentIQ Test of English Communication

From as little as $14 USD per test key depending on the volume your institution requires.

Volume pricing for >1,000 test keys is by arrangement.

Schedule a Demo

Use it your way

Either request FluentIQ Certification or provide a test key to the applicant. It's your choice.


Request that a FluentIQ Certificate of English is submitted as part of a candidate's application, at their cost. Simply display the link on your admissions pages and get the scores through as students apply.

  • Cost efficient

    FluentIQ certifications costs only $25 USD making it the most cost efficient of any other gold standard English certification test.

  • Accessible and fast

    The test is all online and, with results available within 24 hours, a FluentIQ Certification won't cause a delay in anyone's application process.


Provide FluentIQ test keys to selected applicants at your discretion. Simply choose the number of keys you require from our menu and get in touch.

  • Quick and easy

    FluentIQ Test Center can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and with zero notice. It's all online and and results are available to administrators at the same time as they are available to the candidate.

  • Powerful management tools

    Administer FluentIQ tests through our management dashboard. Send invites to candidates and share results with stakeholders.

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