About Us

Our mission is simple: 
Improve lives through language

There are around 2 billion English language learners around the world right now and over $30 billion is spent every year on English language education and certification.

For most of these English language learners, learning to speak and be understood in English is the single largest barrier to improving their lives. Once these learners have attained fluency in English, they can dramatically improve their fortunes and positively impact the lives of not only their own families but those in their surrounding communities as well.

Quite unbelievably, there is no reliable, cost efficient, fast or accurate way for these non-native English speakers to prove their English communication ability to a global job market.  Conversely, global recruiters and employers have no way of assessing millions of perfectly qualified candidates without high cost manual intervention which results in subjectivity, poor data, and unreliable decision making.  

Enter FluentIQ Test Center.  We are the world’s first low cost, accurate, and almost immediate English assessment tool.  Our test is easy access for anyone with a reliable internet connection and almost immediate with results delivered within 24 hours of taking the test.

Fluent’s focus has always been on real world language. We are interested in measuring how well people can understand you and how well you can understand other people.   This is what is required in the real world so anything more than that is not required.

Because of FluentIQ, global talent can now easily prove their capability, open doors, and get the job of their dreams.  At the same time, recruiters and employers can make confident decisions around global talent and expand their potential talent pool.